Carrier Opportunities for students:

The aspiring graduates can be employed in various sectors of health

Clinical practice

  • Staff nurse
  • Nursing educator in hospital
  • Infection control nurse
  • Pain control nurse
  • Ward in-charge
  • Military nurse

Nursing Education

  • Lecturer in nursing
  • Assistant Professor in nursing
  • Associate Professor in nursing
  • HOD of Department

Nursing Administration

  • Supervisor
  • Evaluator
  • Observer both at health centers and hospitals
  • Programme coordinator in various National Health programmes
  • Trainer for voluntary health workers

Nursing Research

  • Research co-ordinator
  • Research advisor
  • Research supervisor/guide

About Fundamentals of Nursing:

The Fundamentals of nursing Department offer courses at both entry (Fundamentals of Nursing and Health Assessment) and exit levels (Nursing Administration) to equip students with knowledge, attitude and skills to work in various practice areas and to develop as professional nurses with firm commitment to lifelong service and learning.

The department incorporates innovative teaching methodologies to support and enhance student learning using e-learning and simulation techniques. Presently, simulation and e-learning are used in Fundamentals of Nursing, Health Assessment and Nursing Administration. In simulation, the learning situation is made to resemble clinical practices as closely as possible and this provides students an opportunity to think and act as if they were with real patients and yet it prevents students from causing harm to patients through a trial and error approach. The skills learnt using simulation is safely passed onto actual patient care later on during clinical practice.

The e-learning approach has proved to be a flexible way for nursing students to learn. It enables them to interact more creatively with course facilitators and it accommodates their different learning styles. It also exposes students to additional information through attachments and links provided by course coordinators and clinical instructors. Through simulation and e-learning techniques, the department has made learning more interesting for students


  • The Vision of the Fundamentals of nursing Department is to be the center of excellence in preparing professionally competent nurses with leadership abilities in integrating and delivering compassionate patient care.


  • The mission of the department of Fundamentals of nursing is to prepare competent nurses who are able to meet the health care needs of the society consistent with international standards of nursing education by providing efficient, safe and competent nursing practice.


  • The philosophy of the Institute of Nursing is reflected in the values and beliefs of the faculty in the department of Fundamentals and Administration regarding human being, health, society, nursing, nursing education, learner and curriculum.
  • We believe in the need to provide intellectually stimulating and supportive environment that foster individual and collective development of students who are competent to fulfill their professional roles.


The objectives of the department are to:

  • Apply innovative teaching strategies using technologies that enhance student learning outcomes, skills mastery as well as lifelong learning
  • Participate in preparing graduate professional nurses who are knowledgeable, safe and practice competently within ethical boundaries.
  • Support the enhancement of student clinical skills from basic to advanced level with emphasis on patient’s safety.
  • Motivate students to become professional nurses who are self-motivated with attributes of critical thinking, clinical judgment and leadership abilities.
  • Promote professional development through continuing nursing education and research activities.
  • Contribute to quality improvement by providing continuing education related to clinical skill competency through faculty development.
  • Actively contribute to the development plans of the Institute of Nursing including the nursing skills laboratory to be the center of excellence in India and the region.
  • Extend services to the community to attain, maintain or regain health status of the people of India through health assessment and follow up surveys.


Assoc. Prof. Ms . Mary Sasikala

Head of the Department

Qualification: RN, MSN
Specialization: OBG  Nursing


  • Assoc. Prof. Ms . Mary Sasikala
  • Ms. Kabitarani Wahengbam (Lecturer)
  • Ms. N K. Yaoreila (Lecturer)
  • Ms. Sulochana M. B (Clinical Instructor)
  • Ms. Sowndarya C R (Clinical Instructor)

Department News:

  • Teaching students of various nursing programmes
  • Organize seminar, CNE, faculty clinical presentation, workshop, conference and rapid review
  • Conduct regular meeting among the members
  • Prepare guidelines for the departmental activities
  • Supervision of the students in the clinical areas
  • Co-ordinate among members to attend professional activities